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Natural Skincare Market Growth & Predictions

As formulators and readers that are genuinely interested in natural skincare formulations, it is essential sometimes to pause and gauge the market in which we operate. Let’s take a moment and crunch some data regarding the financial environment we are all working in.

  • In the current market scenario, consumers are continually seeking green and ethically produced products which are free from potentially disruptive chemicals or believed to be bad for their health and the environment. This is a significant factor for the growth of natural and organic skincare market across the world.
  • Highly populated countries like Brazil, India, and Mexico have increased purchasing power and thus – they are a leading force in the overall growth of purchasing natural and organic skincare products.

  • ​The global natural skincare market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.8% over the years 2019 – 2023

  • Facial care is the fastest growing segment in the natural and organic skincare market. Users today not only apply creams on their face but also hydrate and moisturize preferably with products that make use of wholesome ingredients and no harmful chemicals.
woman with white face mask
Fcial care - fastest growing segment

Well, it seems that the outcome of the natural skincare business is not so bad after all… 🙂 So keep formulating!

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