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Dream Big And Become A Natural Skincare Formulator

It seems like natural cosmetics are everywhere.

You see it with big brand names starting new lines of natural cosmetics and skincare products. Boutique cosmetics shops popping all over offering artisanally-made natural cosmetics. Even fairs and markets are dedicated to these kinds of products only.

What is it all about?

It’s not a secret that consumers are gradually shifting from regular cosmetic products to their natural equivalents. The yearly sales numbers of natural cosmetics prove that this is not just a trend. Every year sales numbers of natural skincare grow both in numbers and stake.

Here are some of them –

  • “Natural cosmetics sales surpassed 2 billion units in 2018, totaling a market value worth US$ 36 billion in sales for 2019.”
  • “A new study by FMI forecasts that natural cosmetics market will grow at 4.8% in 2019.”
  • “Consumer preference for organic and natural products is no more limited to food & beverages. With natural cosmetics sales surging in recent years, they could account for over two-thirds of the global revenues in 2019.”

These are astounding numbers.

It’s clear that consumers are increasingly aware of the products they consume, especially when it deals with products meant to get into their body or rubbed on top of their skin.

a green label saying 100 percent natural
Cosnumers decide to move all natural. Cosmetics follows

There’s no better time to become a skincare formulator

The natural skincare market’s annual growth rate, the vast potential that e-commerce brings to every entrepreneur, and one’s inner passion to the world of cosmetics lead to one question – Why not join that big movement?

The movement towards natural cosmetics has just begun, and the numbers and the shift in consumers choices keep us very positive for the future.

Indeed, the thought of making cosmetics could seem a bit daunting at the start. There’s a lot to learn and practice, but hey, it’s fun!

Besides the fun and creativity that the process of designing and formulating skincare products brings to the table, there’s the financial prospect. When done correctly, there’s a real career that awaits to be fulfilled. Pursuing the goal of becoming a skincare formulator could be the right choice for people that crave for a change to a promising career. For those who love skincare and cosmetics. For those who love to work from the comfort of their home, designing and formulating new products.

Is it something that you see yourself doing?

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