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3 Beauty Myths That Are Better To Be Busted

Every now and then, when it comes to beauty, one of your friends will excitedly present a “proven” fact or trick that will make your skin feel better or prevent you from a disaster. The problem is that there are so many of them out there, many myths that really have no ground supporting them. Let’s list a few of the more popular ones and bust these myths once and for all.

Myth 1 - Cutting your hair will help it grow.

This is one of the most common myths around. And no, cutting your hair regularly won’t help your hair to grow faster. Actually, your hair simply doesn’t know when it was cut since hair is “dead” matter! There are no nerves or any other mechanism that send a signal to your scalp signaling that hair was cut.

Since hair starts to grow at the follicle level, if you really want to boost hair growth you’ll have to treat your scalp and show it some love. You can start by exfoliating your scalp, it will help rebalance the pH levels and detoxify it from impurities that tend to be trapped on the surface of the scalp.

Also, get into the habit of massaging your scalp with oils that are known to promote hair growth such as – Castor oil (Reach in omega-6 fatty acids), Jojoba oil (Contains an omega-9 fatty acid that mimics the skin’s natural oil production) and Rosemary oil (increases the cellular metabolism)

Myth 2 - The more expensive the product, the more effective it is

Out of all skincare myths, this one will cost you the most! Reality is that just because a product is expensive doesn’t say anything about its effectiveness.

Prices of skincare products are often dictated by the brand name involved, the marketing campaign and even how expensive is the packaging. At Skincare Academy we’ve learned to understand that in many different ways. You’ll be shocked at how inexpensive production of a skincare product could be.

Therefore, the inevitable conclusion is that the difference in prices between the “regular” and the “luxurious” form of a certain product will often be attributed to marking and branding alone.

Myth 3 - Exposing your skin to the sun is healthy and can also reduce acne

Wrong… Sun damage is not something to mess around with.

While a day in the sun could make your skin feel firmer and stronger, the truth is that it actually harms it. Indeed, It will dehydrate your pimples and give your complexion a glowing feeling but underneath it, there will be damaged cells resulting from harmful UV radiation emitted by the sun.

That’s why you should always, always, use UV protection. Around 90% of the skin’s aging process is within our control, and a big part of it has to do with sun exposure. Protect yourself from the sun, your skin will thank you and you will thank yourself in 20 years!

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